Possible Boiler Funding

Further to the recent declaration by the Chancellor, in regard to potential funding towards home energy saving measures:

  • It has not been confirmed that assistance is available for new boilers.
  • The qualifying criteria for acceptance has also yet to be confirmed.
  • If, and, or when it happens this will be in the form of vouchers.
  • No install or work will be able to be carried out until vouchers have been obtained.
  • Hopefully, it will be a yes for the scheme & it will flow quickly.


Finance for Boilers
Boilers on Finance Washington

Whilst this is great news if it happens, the downside is many unscrupulous installers will install cheap, inferior materials, which will only suffice to “cover over” your problems on a short term basis.

Most likely they will install boilers with no protection add-ons & only with two year warranties. When this happens, major expense & problems are only two years away. You need to be aware of this.

Agents & sign-up guys stating “you’ll have no bother” are hot air…you have been informed.

We, however, will only install on the scheme & for your benefit, top of the range boilers with ten year warranties, complete with full Magnaclean protection. Whilst our profit margins are smaller, we pride ourselves on our duty of care & responsibilities towards YOU the consumer.

If you’re not eligible for the scheme, check out our website for our latest deals & various payment methods.

Best Wishes, Alan Ward @ Cozee Warm Limited 0800 141 2207