Buying A New Boiler And Paying Monthly

cost of a new boiler

Buying a new boiler and pay monthly. As I write this, boilers from all leading manufacturers have gone up in price four times this year. The next increase is early August, and this one will be another whopping eight per cent, yes 8%.  Unjustified? Probably not, you have to consider the increase worldwide in the … Read more

Need a new boiler? Should I leave it? Yes? No?

combi boiler finance

Need a new boiler? Should I leave it? Yes? No? Given the cost of having a new boiler installed, it’s understandable that people are leaving their broken or aged boiler problem at the back of their minds. After all, it’s summer and you can get by without it to a certain extent, especially if you … Read more

Homeowners : This stuff is getting serious now!!!

Homeowners : This stuff is getting serious now!!! Being a homeowner in today’s economy is a serious undertaking. Bill, bills, bills & more bills. Pulling out for everything it seems is the new way of life. It affects us as well. Many people think because you’re working for yourself that you’re worth or earning a … Read more

About Us

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Cozee Warm limited – Who We Are. What began back in 1989 has surprised even myself. Back then, struggling through the Thatcher years, I was always looking for work, times were hard, firms closed constantly, jobs were scarce, and I had a young family.Things weren’t good. This was when I decided to take the risk … Read more