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Prices and cost of back boiler replacement

This guide will take you through the 5-minute process of removing and replacing a back boiler. This guide will explain everything about a boiler, including the cost to replace it.

People who have a boiler at the back of their fireplace will want to change to a combination design. CozeeWarm has an installation cost calculator that will give you the best estimate of the removal and replacement costs.

renew your old back boiler by paying weekly

If possible, we recommend upgrading to a combi boiler from the back boiler you presently have.

This form will give you a price estimate.

The old technology makes back boilers inefficient. Simply put, wasting energy is a waste of money.

It will save money to replace your back boiler with a modern, A-rated boiler. Modern A-rated boilers can be over 90% efficient.

You can expect to spend up to £3000 if you are replacing a back boiler with a combi boiler A-rated in a home that has up to three bedrooms.

A 3-4 bed property, with 8-10 radiators and an A-Rated combination heating boiler is expected to run around £5,000. This will cover the cost of the removal and installation of a new combi heating system.

Cozeewarm Limited is here to help you replace your outdated back boiler and install a new, more efficient combi boiler. You can get expert advice from our experts and have your combi boiler professionally installed by Gas Safe certified engineers.

Do You Need to Replace a Back Boiler with a Combi Boiler or Should It Be Removed?

Gas back boilers replacing older boilers in the UK are more and more common as homeowners become aware of their benefits. This guide provides all information necessary to replace your boiler.

It is difficult and expensive to replace or remove a gas boiler. Although the cost of replacing a boiler is expensive, it can save you money over time.

You should replace any boilers that are still in use. It is strongly recommended that you get a brand new boiler system.

combi boiler finance You can reduce your energy costs by replacing your boiler with a best-selling combi or system boiler. Your heating system will be more efficient and perform better. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your heating system won’t shut down suddenly without warning.

Combi boilers are also known as combination boilers. They provide hot and cold water through one unit. They require no additional water tanks and cylinders, which means they take up very little space. Condensing combi boilers recover latent heat from water vapour condensation, making them extremely energy-efficient.

Which boiler is better: back boilers or modern ones?

The back boiler heats the water and home from behind the fireplace.

They are hidden behind the fireplace and can be smaller than traditional gas boilers. These boilers are known for their reliability. Because of their simplicity, back boilers can last much longer than modern-technology engineered boilers.

Back boilers have a major problem with their efficiency ratings. Back boilers are only 70% efficient in new situations, decreasing steadily with age. This is in contrast to modern condensing boilers’ 92% efficiency.

Poor energy-efficient boilers are not only harmful to the environment, but also can increase household energy bills each year. A new boiler with an energy efficiency rating of 70% can be replaced with one with better performance. This will save the average household £330 annually on their heating costs and reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 610kg per year.

Today, many old back boilers are being replaced by more efficient Combi Boilers and Combination Boilers. A combi boiler heats the hot water in a house and also provides central heating. The name “Combination” is derived from this combination. Combi boilers don’t require a hot water cylinder and are compact, which allows you to make space savings.

There are three options when it comes to replacing your back boiler: a system boiler, a regular boiler or a combination boiler. The perfect alternative to back boilers, combi boilers are high-efficiency boilers that are cost-effective and efficient. A new combi boiler or regular boiler will dramatically reduce your fuel costs and carbon emissions. Due to its many benefits, we strongly recommend that you replace your boiler back with a combi boiler.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove & Replace A Back Boiler with A Combi?

A modern combi boiler can reduce heating costs by up to £330 per year. The exact savings will vary depending on how efficient your boiler is, what your energy tariff is and how well your home insulation is.

The cost to replace a boiler also includes pipe capping and the installation of new pipes. You will need to cover the cost of the new pipe and the old pipe to prevent leakage if your boiler is in another part of your house.

The cost of replacing a boiler with a combi boiler will be approximately £2,650.

There is no simple answer to the price difference. Prices vary from one property to the next. For a 3-4 bed property, with 10 radiators and all the pipework, it will likely cost between £3500 and £5,000

Review by customers

It was done around one year ago. Every time the back boiler fired up, it felt like a jet taking off from our lounge. The date of installation for our back boiler was 1982, I believe. The cost was around £4k, which is great for the  north-east, where i live, & this included 6 new double radiators and towel rails for the bathrooms, rerouting the gas supply to the combi boiler,  This made a huge difference in heating costs and was well worth the effort. Thank you Cozeewarm.

New boiler fitted. From beginning to end, I was thoroughly impressed. Alan provided exceptional customer service and was not pushy. His professionalism and understanding made it easy for me to feel comfortable with this difficult decision. His kindness made it feel that I was free to ask any annoying question I chose. They were polite, punctual and efficient. The men were extremely tidy and left my home as they found it. Both were knowledgeable and friendly. The service was excellent and I would recommend them to others. Hartlepool, 21 October 21

The first boiler service after initial installation. This company is exactly what I need. They are prompt and complete their work on time. They have always been accessible.

Excellent work performed for a very anxious customer They were punctual, tidy, and dealt with the house of horrors with no dramas. They are definitely recommended as I now have a quiet boiler and  full central heating  throughout my house, which is not what I am used to.

The smarter method to replace your boiler

You can fill out a form that is clickable, which will provide important information about your property. In less than two minutes, you can get a fixed price displayed on-screen.

With competent installation, 10-year warranties and low prices (starting from £1,670), this company is worth your consideration.