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Check out our new boiler special offers offering pay monthly financing

A boiler can be paid for using finance, which in turn may  be considered a pay monthly boiler. This enables you to have your central heating boiler replaced in your home without needing to pay for the full cost upfront. Rather, you can easily spread your boiler cost with a month to month economical payment that comes with no hidden costs.


Spread the outlay for an energy efficient boiler that is great for saving on fuel.

You’ll be delighted to realise that you can pay for your latest boiler on a monthly basis if you so choose .We offer a month to month payment option for each one of our boiler categories, which include combi boilers along with standard and system boilers. You can easily compare our boiler deals (fully supplied & installed) and ascertain all you need to know regarding each type, which in turn means you can decide which one is best for your home.
In the case that you prefer to go for the monthly option, our credit brokers are able assist you set up and apply for the relevant loan. This is all done online & is an easy process. The loan can pay for as much as 100% of your central heating costs. You will need to have a credit check undertaken, as you would expect with all finance transactions. Simply select a payment program that suits your personal financial circumstances to spread out the payment for your combi boiler.

Absolutely no upfront charges, and no hidden costs

Instead of paying upfront, you can easily spread the expense by making the most of some tremendous funding deals to change your boiler.combi boiler loan deals
Doing this means that the sum or loan you take out for your boiler is the exact same cost as the full price of the boiler and installation, without any extra fees.

In the case that you have a sound financial scenario, you don’t need to pay any added fees if the loan is repaid ahead of time.
The combi boiler will be funded in pre-agreed regular monthly payments. Set up fees are not added to these payment amounts.

You as an individual can choose the payment term that best suits your requirements

The cost of payments may be spread out over any period upto 120 months (10-years), without down payment options in the majority of cases. You similarly have the option to decide on a range of boiler financing products alongside your new boiler. Other terms involve monthly repayments or finance commitments over periods of 3 years, 5 year 7 years, or maybe as specified above, a huge ten years term.
Spreading out the expenditure is a good way to assist everyone. It allows you to conserve money and still have the ability to indulge in the life-style you want.

Exactly who can request finance to purchase boilers?

If you’re 18 years or over, you can make an application for financing for a central heating boiler.
Online applications are fast and easy. Complete a handful of quick questions to get an online estimate for a central heating boiler upgrade. Requires barely a minute of your time… You can decide on the final move, to pay monthly, cash, credit card etc etc.
Our central heating boiler loan calculator will offer you a quote for your new combi central heating boiler. You can also apply for finance online via ourselves if you so wish.

May I acquire a central heating boiler using finance?

Credit hinges on position and age. This type of loan is readily available to UK inhabitants aged 18 or over with a UK bank account who have not been pronounced bankrupt, had CCJs, or IVAs in the last 6 boiler finance Each of the applications go through affordability, status, lending criteria, and application.

UK inhabitants can now acquire a combi-boiler with interest free financing. To pay off your boiler loan every month, you can start by first choosing from a number of the top boiler companies in the UK, and gradually moving on from there.
Fast online financing application makes it easy to apply for central heating boiler financing and arrange your boiler installation online inside minutes.

Find the most suitable deals

Pay monthly financing deals for central heating boilers are really a very good way to spread out the expense and make it more affordable. Personalize your plan, create a monthly payment timetable that’s easy to follow and is comfortable for you.
As an alternative to paying out in advance, you can easily spread the expense by capitalizing on some excellent finance deals to change your central heating boiler.
We’re pleased to offer advice based upon your budgetary situation and specific needs if you aren’t sure which boiler you should purchase. Our boiler lending choices will allow you to obtain a central heating boiler at an extremely reasonable cost.

Let’s start with several frequently asked questions about monthly repayment boilers.

Is it actually worth shelling out money on a central heating boiler?

new boiler pay weekly

What is the most ideal method to purchase boilers? A boiler finance solution is a wonderful alternative for those individuals who can’t purchase one outright. If you need to change your boiler with a far more effective & energy efficient model, this may be a good option. This can really help you conserve funds and on your energy bills over the long-term.

You may get a central heating boiler loan on financing even though you possess bad credit.

Even when you have bad credit, you can continue to buy or look into buying a central heating boiler through finance. Nevertheless, it is improbable that any high street lending institutions will approve your request There are banks and building societies that supply central heating boiler financing. Service providers that present boiler financing to people with bad credit rating will carry out a “simple credit inspection”, which implies you are a lot more likely be accepted.

Is the government offering free boilers still?

Cost-free Boiler Grants. The Govts ECO Scheme for 2021 and forward enables suitable house owners to have their outdated, ineffective central heating boilers changed entirely free of cost or seriously subsidised by a grant.