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The Top Boiler Brand: Which boiler brand is best in Britain?

A new boiler is needed. You’ve searched for the top boiler brand and now you are more lost and confused than when you first started. We’re not shocked, to be truthful.

What is the top boiler brand ? Which one, of  the hundreds available is the top boiler brand for you?

If you’re in a hurry to find out which boiler producer is top of our best boiler list we’ll let you in on the secret, it’s the Baxi 800 series. But the thing about boilers is, that what’s right for me and my home may not be right for you.

Before you become too obsessed with choosing the top boiler brand for your home, it is important to consider other options such as your central heating radiators and which boiler types are best for you.

Which top boiler brand is best for you?

new combi boiler

This can be a problem however, if there are more than one bathroom in the property, or if hot water needs to be delivered to multiple outlets simultaneously. The combi might not be able to provide the required hot water volume at once.

A system boiler may be the best choice for larger houses or areas where hot water is in high demand.

System boilers keep hot water in hot water cylinders. This means they always have hot water on hand. The system boiler pricing guide will help you estimate the cost of a system boiler.

The traditional boiler, also known as the regular boiler in the UK is the most common type of boiler.

System and regular boilers both store hot water. However, the system boiler requires a cold water tank. This is usually found up in the loft.

According to heating engineers, the top boiler brand;

Since the 1800s, Baxi boilers are well-known in the heating business.

Baxi boilers are eligible for a 10-year warranty on parts and labour. Baxi boilers and those made by other manufacturers have certain criteria that make their warranties valid. These criteria include correct materials, magnet filters and the use of gas safe registered installers, among others

Baxi’s top-selling combi is the 800 series. The 800 is small but powerful. It comes with three outputs: 25kW, 30kW, and 35kW. They also use high-quality components.

In the beginning of the 1900s, Ideal Boilers was founded. new boiler cost calculatorThey were previously known as The National Radiator Company. Their current head office is located in Hull. They are supported by a team of heating engineers based all over the UK.

Ideal boilers have a reputation for being innovative in offering affordable heating technology to homeowners. The Ideal Logic C30 combi boiler, which has Quiet Mark accreditation is their most popular boiler.

The new Worcester Bosch 4000 boiler is the only other one we would choose to show you. The Greenstar 4000 boiler is small enough that it fits between your kitchen cabinets, but can still provide enough hot water for a 45-second boil.

We were impressed.

Baxi boilers are considerably cheaper than Worcester Bosch counterparts in terms of price. Depending on which model you choose, installation will cost anywhere from £1600 to £2400.

The Baxi 800 combi is a great choice. You can choose from three sizes: the Baxi 800 Combi is available in size 25kW, 30kW and 36kW. It’s compact enough that it will fit inside your kitchen cupboard. It has a variety of features …..

Baxi is a top boiler brand, with Worcester Bosch and Ideal among its competitors. The venerable British company, which has been in operation since 1866, is significantly less costly than the top-shelf manufacturers.

Potterton doesn’t have as much street cred as Ideal, Vaillant or Worcester., but engineers rate them highly

Vaillant is another UK-made, top boiler brand that ranks right alongside the top. Vaillants’ ecoTEC product range is now their most sought-after. The ecoTEC with Green iQ combi stove has won the House-builder Products Awards 2018. The boiler’s output is either 35kW or 43kW. It’s best suited to larger homes.

Guarantees and warranties

The warranty offered by boiler manufacturers can differ greatly depending on which model and type they are.

Ideal offers the longest warranty period for a boiler purchase. For example, the Ideal Vogue comes with a 12-year warranty if it is installed and maintained by an approved installer.

Baxi, Vaillant, and Worcester offer warranties of 2, 5, 7 & 10, respectively, across all their product lines.cost of a new boiler

We focus our attention on four main considerations when deciding which heating system to purchase: boiler, price, reliability and support.

A national installer will likely offer a shorter warranty, while local installers are more reliable and can respond quickly to problems.

Technically, warranties and guarantees are very similar. There will be different guarantees and warranties for parts or the installation. Make sure you read the T&C’s before making your purchase.



Which is the best selling top boiler brand in the UK?

#1 Worcester Bosch Combi Boilers.# .#2 Ideal Combi Boilers.#3 BAXI Combi Boilers.#4 Vaillant Combi Boilers.#5.Alpha Combi Boilers #6 Viessmann Combi Boilers

top boiler brands with weekly payments

Which top boiler brand is the most reliable?

Worcester Bosch. The number one on our list of boiler makes is certainly the most well-known — Worcester Bosch is considered by many to be one of the best boiler brands available. … Viessmann Boilers. … Ideal Boilers. … Vaillant. … Baxi. … Alpha Boilers. … Potterton. … Glow Worm.

Which boilers last the longest?

Out of every boiler brand I’ve ever come across, the early Worcester Bosch products seem to outperform them all in terms of lifespan. Nowadays brands such as Baxi or Ideal – good old British names –  are on a par with Worcester & seem to last around 10 – 14 years. Vokeras and other Italian brands maybe manage 7 – 10 years.